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  • Medal of Honour: Beta Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on July 13, 2023 under PS3 Reviews
    The Medal of Honour series is one that has suffered from the success of other franchises such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield series in the more recent generation of gaming, at the forefront of the FPS genre back in the day, Medal of Honour will always hold a place in the hearts of PS1 owners and with EA’s latest release for the new generation of consoles it would appear they are returning... more.
  • Costumes, Cartoons and Cornish Pasties. View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on June 3, 2023 under Feature
    May 29th, the middle of my GCSE exams and I’m standing outside the London Excel talking to people dressed as Tetris Blocks. Not only does the MCM Expo have some characters, but It was also one of the events I had looked forward to since attending the October 2009 day out. Over the six hours I spent at the expo, I had the chance to meet many people in cosplay (some costumes were better and mor... more.
  • Games Take Centre Stage at This Weekend’s London MCM Expo View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on May 28, 2023 under Feature, Recent News
    Catering for gamers of every genre, the MCM expo will have everything from the latest Super Mario game, to housing the world exclusive first playable demo of Transformers: War for Cybertron and more! Pocket gamers are advised to bring a DS and a game on the 29th to get involved with the MCM Expo’s Guinness World Record attempt at hosting the largest handheld game console party, with ... more.
  • Final Fantasy XIII Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on April 7, 2024 under Feature, PS3 Reviews, Xbox 360 Reviews
    "You mean I have to fight it again!?" Since Final Fantasy XIII’s announcement all the way back in 2006, the hype train for the game was truly going full speed ahead for the full four years since its original announcement, however, the journey was not without its stops, and the choice to port the game to the Xbox 360 was one that Square came under fire for, with fanboys boycotting the game and e... more.
  • Sony: Time for Extended Warranty? View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on March 27, 2024 under Editorial, Feature
    YLOD again? FFS! Is now the time for Sony to introduce an extended warranty to their service? What with our experience below, we feel it's time Sony stepped up to the plate and recognised that the Yellow Lights of Death problem is starting to become more common place, what with the issue happening to us twice in a matter of weeks we're just one of the growing number of users that are calling for ... more.
  • RIP date for Sony GO! VIEW View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on February 23, 2024 under Recent News
    Sony & BskyB's partnership at an end As reported around about the time our website launched in June 2009, Sony GO!VIEW was having it’s content asset stripped after it’s video download service ceased to renew it’s license for BBC, NBC & Disney content. The video download service launched between BSKYB and Sony looked initially promising and there were even plans to make the video ser... more.
  • Shattered Horizon Gets Free Weekend on Steam 19 - 21 February! View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on February 17, 2024 under Recent News
    Zero gravity shooter free to play and 50 percent off this weekend Futuremark® Games Studio today announced that Shattered Horizon, their PC exclusive multiplayer first-person shooter, will be free to play and will have 50 percent off to buy on Steam this weekend. Shattered Horizon's innovative zero gravity gameplay has recently been enhanced by the Moonrise content pack which added four new leve... more.
  • L!ght Deluxe Review (PC) View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on under Feature, PC Reviews
    Because we all make spelling mistakes now and then... Sometimes we all need a break from slashing demons, shooting Russians and yelling at Americans, and a puzzler is usually a good way of doing so, with nice colourful levels and the whole ‘having to use your brain’ affair, L!ght Deluxe isn’t anything far from the norm when it comes to puzzlers, however, there are a few things that make thi... more.
  • Dante’s Inferno Review (Playstation 3) View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on February 13, 2024 under Feature, PS3 Reviews
    Slashing through my soul since Wednesday... After a slight issue with actually receiving Dante’s Inferno due to the postal service not being able to fit a CD case sized object through my clearly A4 sized letterbox, I didn’t actually get a chance to play this game fully until Wednesday of this week, I just sat at home with my last two cans of Mountain Dew and played through the Gates of Hell d... more.
  • The Book Of Eli Movie Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on February 7, 2024 under Feature, Film Reviews
    War, War never changes... This being my first movie review, I thought I would go for one of the slightly overshadowed movies of this year, with Avatar sweeping the box office audiences up by the thousands, quite a few films have been overlooked by the public, The Book Of Eli is the perfect example of one of these movies. This was a actually recommended to me by a mate of mine sometime ago, althou... more.
  • Counter Strike: Source Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on February 3, 2024 under Feature, PC Reviews
    Because there are other FPS games than Call of Duty... Counter strike: source is deemed a classic by most old school FPS fans, not so much the Call of Duty generation, but the people who love the PC shooters that paved the way for what we have today. The amount of content this game has to offer is astounding for its age, and with it being on the PC people are still modding it to this day. I recen... more.
  • Braid Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on January 25, 2024 under Feature, PS3 Reviews, Xbox 360 Reviews
    Braid, the game that’s both Artsy, fun and downright tricky all at the same time. So its Braid up for review now, the much praised Mario and Prince of Persia puzzler with a hint of salt hybrid. Seems like a tough idea to get your head around right? Well you’d be wrong, before I get deep into the game I would like to say how struck I was with it as soon as I started it up for the first time, I... more.
  • CODOES (Call of Duty Over Emotal Syndrome) View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on January 19, 2024 under Feature
    ___________________________________ CODOES (Call of Duty Over Emotal Syndrome) is a type of gaming mood disorder that affects an estimated half a million people every day, night, week, month and year... Key Symptoms of CODOES: * An Angry or Hostile attitude whilst playing online * Depression * Sleep Problems * Lethargy * Over Eating * Loss of Concentration * Social Prob... more.
  • Pwning people an empty affair, but it feels good! View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on January 13, 2024 under Editorial, Feature
    Right now in the world there is an Earthquake in Haiti which just probably killed thousands of people, a secret underground society trying to take over the planet and we’re being poisoned by Fluoride and Aspartame in our every day drinking water and consumables, the problem is that isn’t much fun and while I take all of these things into account, how can you expect many people to do much about... more.
  • X-Blades Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on January 12, 2024 under Feature, PS3 Reviews, Xbox 360 Reviews
    Due to a recent lack of Hack and Slashers in my big ole’ games pile (now unfortunately consisting of shit and FPS games,) I decided to pick one up before the release and 40 quid retail of Bayonetta, incidentally I picked this game up for a tenner in GAME, not bad for what it is I guess, but I still think I could have bought something more useful, like a kebab. Unfortunately, due to not owning... more.
  • Scribblenauts Review (Nintendo DS) View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on December 16, 2023 under DS Reviews, Feature
    ... more.
  • Borderlands DLC – The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Review (PS3) View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on December 11, 2023 under Feature, PS3 Reviews
    (First off, a quick apology for not getting this review up sooner, for the past two weeks I have been sitting in exams room, and have been genuinely exhausted, now I have a day off and have finally got a chance to get my teeth into this DLC and write up this review.) Borderlands again, time to eject my Assassins Creed 2 disc and place it back in its box before putting it neatly back onto the sh... more.
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