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  • Bleach - Live Action Movie? View Comments CommentsPosted by Josh-sama on March 22, 2024 under cinema
    It was announced earlier today that Warner Bros has been pursuing the rights to Bleach. The multi-billiondollar film production company seems to be grappling onto any popular franchsie these days! Warners Bros seeks to americanize the highly succesful manga & anime Bleach into a live action movie to maximise profits from a pre-existing fanbase. Bleach follows a teenage boy named Ichigo Kurosa... more.
  • Iron Man 2 - New Trailer! View Comments CommentsPosted by Josh-sama on March 14, 2024 under Trailers, Video
    Oh yes, the one everyones been waiting for! Iron Man 2's new trailer is mind blowing and damn, does it show off some sexy new suits! Let's all give a warm welcome for Warmachine and Whiplash - The two headlining characters alongside Stark! ... more.
  • 24 - Has the day come to an end? View Comments CommentsPosted by Josh-sama on under Feature, Recent News, TV
    It's expected that Fox are going to make an announcment denouncing that the extremely well received show 24 will be cancelled. 24 follows each series as a day in real time in the life of Jack Bauer - A CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) Agent, who's methods for getting information and the job done have raised a lot of controversy in the show's storylines and with the audience. The show has been the l... more.
  • The Top 5 Must See Films of 2010 View Comments CommentsPosted by Josh-sama on March 7, 2024 under Feature
    I've felt the urge recently to explain to the public of how awesome 2010 is for films. So, I've constructed a list for you guys for the films still due for release this year which are worth going to see! Let's start off with one of the most anticipated sequels since The Dark Knight shall we? Iron Man 2 That's right folks. Stark is back after the magnificent first directed by Jon Favreau. ... more.
  • Adventureland Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Josh-sama on under Film Reviews
    Adventureland - Greg Mottolas 2009 film. Adventureland follows the progression of of James Brennan, a smart and witty guy who everyone can connect to. James is plunged back into a hellhole after his parents lose their jobs and his dream summer holiday is dragged out behind a shed and shot square in the face. He's faced with an old friend and a job in a crappy amusement park known as "Adventurel... more.
  • The Crazies Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Josh-sama on February 27, 2024 under Feature, Film Reviews
    The one film I have been anticipating since it's announcment in 2009... a recreation of George A Romero's classic motion picture "The Crazies". Before I go on explaining why I dub this film a revolutionizing zombie flick, I will let out some of the plotline so spoiler alert guys! I also feel the need to find the words to describe the AWESOMENESS of this film and how it's pulled off... to the revie... more.
  • AvP: Requiem Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Josh-sama on February 23, 2024 under Film Reviews
    Okay, so my first review is a negative one, just to let you know - I am not a pessimist! To business! So, I shut the blinds, slammed the door, hit the light and placed the AvP: Requiem disc into my DVD player. I could accuse my negativity to this film because of my high expectations but should I be blamed because it refused to rise to the standard of any die-hard Alien and Predator fan? Yes, I e... more.
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