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  • Move? Natal? Meet the Xbox 360 Soap! View Comments CommentsPosted by Steven Taylor on March 27, 2024 under Editorial, Feature
    The big companies are intent on breaking into the casual market and creating some new gaming innovations on the way. Nintendo were the first to fall, dedicating their entire console on the 'movement' gimmick. Sony soon followed, using their 'Six-Axis' controllers to replicate the Wii's technology but on a much lower scale. Microsoft, never one to shy away from a potential profit, then announced 'P... more.
  • Xbox USB Storage Support to Bring 360 Slim? View Comments CommentsPosted by Steven Taylor on March 19, 2024 under Editorial, Feature
    Microsoft technical documents passed to Joystiq have confirmed that the firm is working on an update that will allow Xbox 360 users to use external USB hard drives to store game data on. Any device looks set to be compatible with a maximum size of 16GB set to be supported. Game saves can be backed up, transferred with ease and even organised into several devices. The update is scheduled for releas... more.
  • Skullcandy sGs GI Headset Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Steven Taylor on March 14, 2024 under Electronics, Feature, Gadgets
    The Skullcandy brand is recognised as one of the leading competitors in the headphone market. They boast an immense range of top-selling headphones that have set the market alive since the creation of the company in 2003. Focusing centrally on the extreme sports and music industries, Skullcandy have sponsored known performers like Snoop Dogg and Metallica. The Skullcandy products have a large appe... more.
  • Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Steven Taylor on March 13, 2024 under Feature, Xbox 360 Reviews
    The hunting genre is not exactly ripe with games on the current generation of consoles. You won’t ever see a hunting game rivalling the likes of Call of Duty and Final Fantasy in the Top 20 chart and it’s likely you won’t even find it on a shelf in a gaming store. No, hunting games have found their home in the bargain bin of the gaming world. You see, hunting is fairly popular in America and... more.
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