We do tech is a dedicated news and reviews blog commited to providing interesting news, reviews of the latest games, applications and gadgets. With a big focus on video media you will be able to watch most of our reviews in HD quality video. The electronic entertainment world is full of exciting and interesting products and we’ll be looking at our pick of the best. WDT was founded by freelance journalists James Joell-Ireland and Stephen Joell-Ireland who have over 3 years experience in video media. WDT source budding tech geeks and games guru’s to our panel of writers to provide opinion that is both unaffected by commercial pressure and corporate bias. In June 2009 WDT expanded with the addition of new staff namely, David (surname does not wish to be listed for paranoya reasons), Sam Bage and Alex Witney. These three new members of the team will be featuring more and more on the YouTube channel of WEDOTECH very soon infact Alex has his very own channel https://www.youtube.com/user/dontmovephoenix

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Posted by Editor On August - 30 - 2009

Are you interested in sponsoring our website?

We are looking for approximately 4 sponsors to assist us financially in the development of our website and future of our online media content. Already the “WeDo” network attract many a people from all walks of life but our aim is to become a leading supplier of honest, reliable and recognised reviews of all kinds of products and services.

The “WeDo” network is made up of online e-commerce stores and as stated above review sites of many different products and services.

At the moment the “WeDo” network have the following sites in operation: WeDoTech, WeDoMobiles & WeDoDrink The future is that…. “WeDo Everything!” So, please climb on board and assist us financially and at the same time get a top quality advert on one of our websites (dependant of your product/service)/

Please contact; Stephen Ireland | E-mail; sales@wedonetwork.co.uk