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  • Kick-Ass (2010): Movie review View Comments CommentsPosted by Alex Witney on April 15, 2023 under Feature, Film Reviews, cinema
    Kick Ass is an awesome film and you should go watch it. Okay, so maybe I should give a couple of reasons why you should first. (more...)... more.
  • Bleach - Live Action Movie? View Comments CommentsPosted by Josh-sama on March 22, 2024 under cinema
    It was announced earlier today that Warner Bros has been pursuing the rights to Bleach. The multi-billiondollar film production company seems to be grappling onto any popular franchsie these days! Warners Bros seeks to americanize the highly succesful manga & anime Bleach into a live action movie to maximise profits from a pre-existing fanbase. Bleach follows a teenage boy named Ichigo Kurosa... more.


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