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One of my favourite games on the Amiga and Atari ST was this cute addictive action puzzler called Pang. The premise of the game was simple; you shot harpoons vertically up with your character at a bunch of bouncing balls. They would pop into smaller balls until they eventually disappeared through continual popping. Sounds like [...]

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When we first heard of the announcement that a DS game would delve us into the art of safe cracking we were positively excited that for once we would be able to re-enact one of those poorly executed reconstruction scenes on crime stoppers. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be the case because rather than being rogue [...]

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All battle, no bolt Activision brings us the video game instalment of the current box office buster, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief. It’s currently out in the cinema as we speak and oddly enough my significant other and niece is actually seeing it as I write this. Yes, the game reviewing world [...]

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Forget about an Amazon Kindle, FLIPS does it better. You may think that the above headed title is a sign of myself going through early signs of madness, but I can assure you I am not talking to myself. The release of the Amazon Kindle was a breakthrough in pointless technology coined by environmentalists who [...]

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Match 3 games are a dime a dozen, some pull it off well, some not so. It’s vested in the core of the casual games market and naturally will transition to handheld systems easily, providing short busts of game play, that do not require long session times to get something out of it. So it [...]

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Mario Kart has been out awhile now, however we couldn’t help but go back and review it. It’s a game with outstanding quality, value for money and very little negatives to speak about. So without further or do, let’s get straight to the point. Mario Kart is a kart racer using Nintendo’s franchised catalogue of [...]

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