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  • MCM Expo 2009 Report 2 CommentsPosted by admin on November 2, 2023 under Feature, MCM 2009 London
    On October 24th-25th London Excel turned into a colourful plethora of Cosplay fanfare. The Movie, Comic & Media Expo saw 38,366 visitors pass through the Excel centre in a weekend that was not to be forgotten. The Expo catered for all tastes, whether it be fans of Manga, Comics, Games or Movies there was enough for everyone to be satisfied with their £10-13 ticket respectively. Depending on... more.
  • V: Pilot Reveal Review 0 CommentsPosted by admin on October 28, 2023 under MCM 2009 London
    At the MCM Expo on Saturday 24th October one event excited us and it wasn’t my lust to touch Craig Charles’s hair. It was to watch the preview of the re-imagination of the 80’s classic sci-fi series V. Although the preview footage was short, it wasn’t to be snuffed at and the cliff hanger we were left on only wanted us to see more. So what exactly happened in the preview? Well the story ... more.
  • MCM Expo 2009: Warthog Unveiled 0 CommentsPosted by admin on October 27, 2023 under MCM 2009 London, Recent News
    Find out more on operation chastity at the makers of an up and coming fan funded Halo film.... more.
  • Avatar Impressions: MCM Expo 2009 0 CommentsPosted by admin on under MCM 2009 London
    Some video footage of Avatar being played. Along with the 3D version being demoed by the Ubisoft team. I've added our impressions to the video as added commentary. ... more.
  • Rabbids Go Home: Impressions 0 CommentsPosted by admin on under MCM 2009 London
    One of the big surprises at the MCM Expo 2009 was Ubisoft's: Rabbids Go Home. The Katamari-esque game has lots of charm and is arguably more entertaining than Katamari itself, though your not rolling everything into a ball, your stacking everything into a shopping cart, to collect enough crap to climb to the moon. Have a look at the video to see what we mean. ... more.
  • Tekken 6: Hands on Review 0 CommentsPosted by Dean Case on October 26, 2023 under MCM 2009 London, Recent News
    Tekken has always been a game with the same formula, and after beating a mate of mine, two cosplay girls and drawing with the Namco PR bloke, I can safely say, it’s Tekken. When the game was announced a while back, I didn’t really care too much about it, as for me, Tekken Tag Tournament on the PS2, will always be my favourite fighting game, and if I want to beat the shit out of a leopard man ... more.
  • Ubisoft Q&A: Avatar The Videogame 0 CommentsPosted by admin on October 25, 2023 under MCM 2009 London
    At the MCM Expo this weekend we've got a closer insight into Avatar: The Videogame a new story from James Cameron's masterpiece film. The storyline was written by Ubisoft for the game but vetted by Cameron and what we've played so far in both Stereoscopic 3D and High-Def has been fantastic. Watch in the below two videos some insightful information regarding the game from press and public's questio... more.
  • 2K Games interview, Mafia 2 and Bioshock 2. 0 CommentsPosted by Dean Case on under MCM 2009 London, Recent News
    Yesterday at MCM I managed to speak to Al from 2K games briefly and get a pretty good interview about the future games from them, other than of course the amazing Borderlands (both me and James just picked it up, so it’s a race for a review.) This was originally a recorded interview, however, my camera was incredibly low on battery and the quality of the audio was pretty shocking, so I wrote up ... more.
  • Avatar 3D Hands On Impressons 0 CommentsPosted by admin on October 24, 2023 under MCM 2009 London
    Dean Case & James Joell-Ireland talk about their thoughts after playing Avatar in stereoscopic 3D aswell as playing the standard high definition version. Click the audio feed to find out (use Internet explorer) Audioboo are working on an embed fix for firefox users. ... more.
  • Hours From Expo Start 0 CommentsPosted by admin on under MCM 2009 London
    So we're officially hours from the start of the Expo and thought what better way to cover this event than have its own dedicated post category for this weekend. So, wondering what's happening. Just click the link at the top of the page marked 'MCM Expo 2009' for the latest on the expo. We're currently on a Greyhound WiFi coach up to London as I write this. So, until the event starts enjoy our upda... more.
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