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Hendridge addresses fans concerns and reveals his weight loss secrets. Can Pompey Pirates return to winning ways or even score a goal? Find out in the latest episode of Soccer Mayhem HD.

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We talked with Barry Hendridge in the build up to our next episode of Soccer Mayhem landing 25th October 2010. Leaving us on a cliffhanger last week due to his amazing weight loss he is keen to fill in the void and keep us guessing until the next episode is revealed. WEDO Network can reveal [...]

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An exclusive in depth interview with Barry Hendridge along with match highlights for the game against Netapoltski. Can Hendridges men carry on the good form from the opening day of the season?

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New Season, Another Glimmer of Hope For the average Pompey Pirates fan, the start of a new season usually means it’s really all conjecture at this point as to how the team will do. Whether the illusive promotion to the Premiership will finally be reached remains to be seen. Some fans will be filled with [...]

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I took some time out from reviewing Pantheon and had a chance to chat to Pompey Pirates manager Barry Hendridge about the new signings at the club. For those not aware Soccer Mayhem is an exclusive Machinima series created for this website, so if you love Pro Evo or football games in general and like [...]

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Pompey Pirates is a team managed by Barry Hendridge, a controversial manager who has angered FIFA, the FA and is now residing in the PES League after suing the leagues over a wrongly placed transfer embargo. Follow the fortunes/misfortunes of Barry Hendridge and his team in this reboot of the popular Machinima series in HD. [...]

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