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Crystal Crush Review

Posted by Editor On September - 3 - 2009

Crystal Crush: 6/10 - Frustrating as hell!

Nasty: Xbox 360 (Written)

Posted by Alex Witney On August - 30 - 2009

Nasty can be best described as a mash up between Contra and Flicky with a little hint of Pacman thrown in for good measure. Your main aim is to kill all the enemies on the screen in order to open the door to the next one. Throw in some point flavoured fruits and the occasional power up and you’ve got yourself a fun and addictive albeit somewhat flawed Indie title.

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Nasty: Xbox 360

Posted by Alex Witney On August - 30 - 2009

Mini Ninjas Impressions

Posted by Editor On August - 30 - 2009

Mini Ninjas is shaping up to be one of the most quirkly and likeable platformers in years.

Let’s Play: Easy Golf Architect

Posted by Editor On August - 30 - 2009

Forget Tee up Golf! for the 360. Easy Golf Architect whips it ten to the dozen at a fraction of the price!

DiRT 2: Impressions

Posted by Editor On August - 30 - 2009

AtomHex: Xbox 360

Posted by Editor On August - 30 - 2009

When we read the press release surrounding AtomHex and Escapist Games bold claim that their 80 Microsoft point fast paced shooter was better than Bizarre Creations Geometry Wars, we thought it was nothing more than to generate hype and controversy, but we were wrong. They were absolutely right! AtomHex is a visual wet dream of combining art styles of Jeff Minter (Tempest) and Tetsuyu Mizuguchi (Rez) melded with Mark Incitti’s own personal touch. This game isn’t just good, it’s fucking awesome!

AtomHex is an extremely colourful, fast shooter where you pilot your ship through a top down landscape of atoms and hexes. When atoms combine with hex’s they produce enemies that are out to destroy your craft, but these enemies are resistant to certain coloured ammo, so you need to pick up different hexes to kill your foe. This presents an insane amount of strategic scope unfound in games like Geometry Wars or classics like Robotron. It’s a visual feast that can get quite hectic but once you are in the zone this game opens up and naturally you are shooting off-spawn enemies and delving into ridiculous multiply and weapon upgrade heaven. Depending on how your run is going you’ll come across a wave of bigger objects which you need to deflect away from your craft for a period of time, before the game settles back into its visual sparkle and frenetic action.

Escapist Games have without doubt created a masterpiece here and have seemingly overcome the limitation of no achievement points by adding in their own, albeit not actually counting to your total G score. The menus are presented extremely well with your gamer picture featuring when you load up your profile and the help guide is a welcomed addition to settle into the game and rack up the truly high scores you will be destined for. The achievements were a little easy to unlock, 6/10 in the first run through. But it’s something Escapist Games can certainly address by planning a build update. The only thing stopping this game from absolute perfection is an online leader board, implement this and we possibly have one of the best value for money games ever made.

Those that have been teetering upon buying Geometry Wars or even going back to some classic top down shooters of the past need not bother. AtomHex has all those departments covered, from the quality build to the inventive game play in all honesty these guys are selling themselves short on Indie Games. With ideas floating around like this from the brainchild Incitti we could be seeing even more jaw dropping material from Escapist Games in the future.


Colourful & Addictive Gameplay, Multiplyer HeavenNo online leaderboard, achievements a tad easy

Puzzlez: Xbox 360

Posted by Editor On August - 29 - 2009

As far as word games go on the Xbox 360 they are a bit few and far between, but we are starting to see more thanks to the indie games section on Xbox Live. So we decided to throw down some time with Puzzlez own word title Puzzle? The game features three word games and also a tic-tac-toe mode for just a general chill out, something that we’d only recommend playing in multiplayer (which is available)

So how does it all pan out? Well, the presentation is very basic to say the least. A black background and a smattering of stars really as far as this game gets when it comes to aesthetically trying to please the player. This is always a difficult area, your outputting games on a HD console with an audience that expects presentation to be clean cut and nice to look at and unfortunately Puzzle? has disregarded what is a simple thing to achieve. Even at 80 Microsoft points the visual style shouldn’t be overlooked.

As for the games, things perk up a little more with three word puzzles that sustain your attention. The anagram puzzle mode is probably the best of the three, with other puzzles including having to make as many words out of a jumble of letters and another game mode where you have to use a set letter every time when creating a word. Puzzle? boasts, a dictionary word list of over 430,000 words and looking through the solutions available after playing a round, you would think most of the words you initially saw didn’t even exist! Though upon checking, the words do exist for some bizarre reason. Ironically though when playing we noticed it didn’t recognise the word ‘Buck’ despite it being a commonality of the English language.

Where Puzzlez has succeeded is in the choice of music. Kevin McLeod at incomputech.com has been the holy grail of royalty free music for years and the choices made by the developer have been very wise as so many games choose music that irritates, Puzzle? has music that is audible and acceptable.

Overall the game has some interesting word games that have a little charm about them to hold your attention during a sitting, however the presentation and basic difficulty settings (decreases the time you have each level) means the game is very one dimensional and a bit of a sight for sore eyes on your TV. At 80 Microsoft points there are better games out there, however if your looking for some word conundrums then at least give this game a look before deciding upon purchase.


Variety of Word Puzzles for ATG'sBland Presentation, Dictionary Errors