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DeathSpank was first promoted as the brainchild of Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame. He left before the game was released but stated that he had finished all his contributions to the project. When the second DeathSpank was announced soon afterwards, it was revealed that both games were made in tandem, so it may be [...]

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It’s been over ten years since the release of the original Deus Ex game launched for the PC and ever since then its fans have been craving a sequel deserving of carrying the brand name. A piss poor attempt was made with the follow up game titled Invisible War. Now here we are and its [...]

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Last year Toy Solders came onto the Xbox Live Arcade scene with its unique blend of tower defense and third person shooter gameplay. The first game took place during World War I against the evil German army. This time around in Toy Soldiers: Cold War we are given a “what if” scenario. As in what [...]

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As part of the Summer of Arcade tradition, Microsoft typically waits for this time to push out their best Arcade games for the year. So far this year they have delivered upon that tradition with Bastion and From Dust. Releasing this week is a game I have been excited to play since the first time [...]

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By now we all know that the majority of movie tie-in games are mostly laden with crappy over used game mechanics, lack of development time and a distinct lack of imagination which causes gamers to want to blow their brains out that they’ve just spent upwards of £35.00 on a brand new title. Hollywood has [...]

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Ever wanted to play god with the planetary system? Now you have the chance to do that with Solar 2. Solar 2 is the latest development from Murudai software and the game is not only weird, wacky but also pretty good to play too. Will it grab your attention, not massively but it’s a great [...]

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In what has so far been a very slow Summer in the gaming community there hasn’t been many good games coming out. Techland looks to change that this week with the developers third installment into the Call of Juarez franchise. Call of Juarez: The Cartel looks to break away from the cowboy western style game [...]

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After sending this game to the United States only for customs and excise to grab hold of it like it was some anthrax package, needless to say this review is somewhat overdue. A game never intended directly to be reviewed by myself but Craig our U.S correspondent. As days crept by I had the distinct [...]

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The game that has the pleasure of spinning in my disc tray this week is Shadows of the Damned. I have been excited to review this game for some time because of some of the legendary names attached to the project. Shadows was developed by Grasshopper Studios and designed by the man himself, Shinji “Mother [...]

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This week I will be looking at FEAR 3, the latest installment of the franchise from Day 1 Studios and published again by WB Games. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the franchise, but I’m coming into this game with an open mind. I never played the original on PC or its later port [...]

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Hello again, I’m back with another review and since it’s a slow time for games, as is typical every summer. I am going into my back log of video games for a review and today I will be tackling Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, developed by Namco. I bought this game last October on its launch [...]

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With the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises dominating the First Person Shooter market due to their accessible and arcade style gameplay, developers Codemasters made the bold decision of resurrecting the famous Operation Flashpoint series back in 2009 with their title Dragon Rising which received a very respectable 77 out of 100 on Gamers [...]

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Hello kiddies, it’s your good old pal Joker back with another review. Today we will be looking at none other than the Dukester himself. That’s right, after over a decade of development and dozens of delays we finally get our hands on Duke Nukem Forever. DNF promises to be bigger and badder than any Duke [...]

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This week ladies and gents I will be reviewing DiRT 3. The latest installment of the old Colin McRae’s Rally series and third game of the Dirt franchise, which dropped the Colin McRae tag some time ago in the American versions of the game. Hopefully Codemasters can continue to capture lightning in a bottle with [...]

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Ever since the dawn of man there have been nerds. And since the dawn of these nerds known typically in its Latin name Nerdus Maximus, required some sort of outlet to allow them to live out their fantasies of trolling around dungeons so as they could slay Goblins, Undead Skeletons, and of course dragons. It [...]

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Just like their recent release of Yar’s Revenge, which was reviewed by our very own Andrew Wylie, Atari seem intent on traveling even further back in time to plunder their back-catalogue for ideas. The original Star Raiders title was released for the Atari 800 in 1979 and has been long forgotten by just about everyone [...]

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James takes a look at the newly released Fantastic Four table for Pinball FX2. This table is later to be released on Marvel Pinball when Sony finally get their act together and open back up the PSN store. Is this table worth your 240 microsoft points though? Find out in this video review

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