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James Ireland @Editor ?

active 19 hours, 39 minutes ago
"Just finished writing my review of FIFA World Cup 2010" · View


  • James Ireland commented on the blog post Cities XL Review   20 hours, 30 minutes ago · View

    Graphically it pisses all over Sim City!

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: The Games Night Podcast #005   3 days, 4 hours ago · View

    On this weeks episode we talk about:

    The Activision, Infinity Ward Drama
    Halo Reach
    World Cup 2010
    Favourite movie tie-in games
    Best video game bargains

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: Tow Truck Simulator Review   3 days, 5 hours ago · View

    Out in the shops for £19.99 If you liked the review subscribe to our youtube channels wedotech & gamergeezer
    Reviewed by Simon Elliot

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: Hamsterball Review   5 days, 18 hours ago · View

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: Poll Result: You Wouldn’t Buy Time Save Packs!   5 days, 19 hours ago · View

    Our latest poll results show that you won’t buy time saver packs. 18 Votes said you wouldn’t, 5 votes said that you would. For those not in the know, time save packs are literally developers wanting to charge you, to unlock everything in the game, without having to work for it. So it’s little to [...]

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: H.A.W.X 2 Confirmed in Development   5 days, 19 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailUbisoft has just dropped us an announcement that is going to make some fans delighted. Let’s hope they don’t bundle the PC version with stupid DRM, wishful thinking huh? Well, if you haven’t already guessed it’s the sequel to the impressive Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X game. We’re looking forward to it, are you? Sound off in the comments [...]

  • James Ireland posted an update in the group Console Gamers:   5 days, 19 hours ago · View

    Anyone available for the podcast tonight 05/05/2010? 23:22pm GMT

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review   5 days, 21 hours ago · View

    Who needs 3D? Seriously! I’ve always been the person whom thought that transition from 2D to 3D came all too fast and that 2D on modern hardware was never really fully utilised. This rule of thumb applies to 2D fighters a genre that never really needed to go 3D in the first place. Sticking with their [...]
  • James Ireland and bkmelendez are now friends   1 week ago · View

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: FIFA World Cup 2010 Review   1 week ago · View

    EA Sports are back again with their inaugural World Cup game and considering the last one was back on the system launch of the Xbox 360 it has been some time since we’ve seen what they can offer to the public to encapsulate the grandeur and of course the essence of football itself. When the 2006 World [...]

  • James Ireland posted an update:   1 week ago · View

    Just finished writing my review of FIFA World Cup 2010

  • James Ireland and Alan Baxter are now friends   1 week, 1 day ago · View

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: Under Construction Notice   1 week, 1 day ago · View

    Over the next couple of weeks our site will be under construction but of course we want to remain it open for all. You will see new features spring up that perhaps don’t look that appealing visually but we’ll be addressing this along with a re-design of the whole website. We hope these changes will [...]

  • James Ireland and Dave Turcotte are now friends   1 week, 1 day ago · View

  • James Ireland started the forum topic Gamertags in the group Console Gamers:   1 week, 1 day ago · View

    Hey, Let us know your Gamertags so we can add you Xbox Live and PSN

    Mine are;

    XBL: joellireland
    PSN: joellireland
    Steam: wedotech

  • James Ireland created the group Console Gamers   1 week, 1 day ago · View

  • James Ireland and mrbrown33 are now friends   1 week, 1 day ago · View

  • James Ireland wrote a new blog post: Nokia N97 Mini Review   2 months, 2 weeks ago · View


    Txt sex users will love it!

    Nokia have brought us their latest variation of the N97 handset. The N97 Mini, sporting a sleek cherry black finish with a sophisticated flip out keypad that can only be described as the phone equivalent of a PSP GO! It looks like a nice phone and its screen is pretty nice [...]

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  • James Ireland : Don't forget the return of Paper Talk on «link»
  • James Ireland : I'm already in process of getting their site shutdown.
  • Alan Baxter : what the fook... can't we do anything about it?
  • James Ireland : Go check out this lame ass website stealing our content «link»
  • Fulgor : So I'm hearing Tow Truck Simulator sucks balls. Can't wait for the review mate.
  • Gamergeezer : new vids up jammez
  • James Ireland : Possible podcast recording time 11:22pm GMT if you can make it please let me know on MSN.
  • Dr. Greenthumb : Thanks for the heads up.
  • Fulgor : A Spam sighting in the Forums.
  • Alan Baxter : who the hells Dr. Greenthumb?
  • Dr. Greenthumb : Power outage, no updates this evening :(
  • Dr. Greenthumb : Alan you have mail!
  • Gamergeezer : Cant wait for brink looks awesome
  • Alan Baxter : PES 2011 first details hell yeah - looks like they're completely changing it, thank god
  • Alan Baxter : I'll get round to that profile page eventually aswell
  • Alan Baxter : the old womens laptop has a webcam and guess mic, she skypes to her bro in Oz so should be able to use that.
  • James Ireland : Our staff page needs some pussy, reply within lol.
  • James Ireland : Alan if you want to get on the podcast grab yourself a copy of Skype and a decent mic.
  • James Ireland : LOL, i didn't even read what he wrote that's how much i couldn't care mate :) Podcast later in the week
  • Alan Baxter : i need to be involved in a podcast!
  • bkmelendez : Is there a podcast for this week? Some of us actually like it regardless of what a former staff member might think. :P
  • James Ireland : Just finished writing a review for FIFA World Cup 2010
  • James Ireland : Just finished adding them all, make that 278! Since August last year, not bad going if u ask me!!
  • Alan Baxter : 248! not bad!
  • James Ireland : Updating our review scores and so far we've reviewed 248 games/films/gadg ets
  • James Ireland : So i could post that original video mate lol. I'll make it available again.
  • TheGamergeezer : Yo new vid up - why have you taken my username?
  • James Ireland : Yeap, you'll be able to do a whole lot more as well soon :)
  • bkmelendez : I can now access my WDT account from the front page. Awesome! :)
  • mrbrown33 : hello james, could you sent me the new header?
  • James Ireland : Been working on a plethora of video content, including a 3 part video on Blaz Blue
  • Guest_779 : Yo - new vid comign this weekend mate - can i have the honor of being on the staff list?
  • James Ireland : Yeah i know mate, i'll sort it at some point ;)
  • mrbrown33 : «link»
  • James Ireland : Video now online, i liked the intro :D

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