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  • Medal of Honor (2010) Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on October 13, 2023 under Feature, PC Reviews, PS3 Reviews, Recent News, Xbox 360 Reviews
    It’s been a few years since we have been treated to another game in the epic Medal of Honor series, but this week our prayers have been answered as EA and it’s Danger Close studios out of Los Angeles have released the series first attempt at breaking into the modern era of first person shooters. With a hefty marketing campaign taking place over these past months ever since we were teased with ... more.
  • 2010 Hoiday Game Preview View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on October 8, 2023 under Editorial, Feature, Previews
    With the 2010 holiday shopping season edging its way closer and closer, game developers have already begun the mad dash to release all the big triple “AAA” titles we have been waiting for. During this time a lot of my friends ask me what games I will be getting, or should they pick up Medal of Honor or Black Ops. So I thought I would type something up letting everybody know what games I person... more.
  • R.U.S.E Review (360) View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on September 28, 2023 under Feature, Xbox 360 Reviews
    Developed by: Eugen Systems Published by: Ubisoft RUSE, set in good ol’ world war 2 that most abused and celebrated piece of history in the gaming world. You play Joe Sheridan, an American Commander with the mission to find a particularly nasty spy/entity that has caused the deaths of thousands of allied soldiers. To start off the review I suppose I should start with gameplay. Love it or hate... more.
  • Crysis 2 Limited Edition Trailer Details Multiplayer Bonuses View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on August 29, 2023 under Feature, Recent News, Video
    Crytek’s upcoming first-person shooter, Crysis 2, just got a new trailer that details what’s included in the Limited Edition version of the game. The Crysis 2 Limited Edition, available at he same price as the regular edition, features four in-game unlocks aimed at improving the multiplayer experience. The trailer shows off what you will have instantly unlocked and how each bonus could be ... more.
  • Starcraft II [PC] View Comments CommentsPosted by kiffar on August 14, 2023 under Feature, PC Reviews
    Starcraft is arguably one of the most well-known, played, and best PC game of all time. Nearly twelve years later and the sequel has finally arrived. The campaign comes equipped with four difficulties; Casual, Normal, Hard, and the ever so inviting sound of Brutal. The story takes place four years after the Brood Wars with Jim Raynor leading a revolutionary group, who call themselves Raynor’s... more.
  • Fishdom 2 [PC] View Comments CommentsPosted by kiffar on July 30, 2023 under Feature, PC Reviews, Recent News
    Fishdom 2 comes to you from the lovely people of Playrix who have also put out Royal Envoy which you may recall me doing a review and James doing the preview for awhile back. Playrix is kind of known for their basic yet entertaining titles with vibrant colors and music. They have a sort of friendly feel to their games which is a nice change of pace for when I get bored of sniping heads off and des... more.
  • Onslaught Mode coming to Battlefield Bad Company 2 View Comments CommentsPosted by kiffar on May 12, 2023 under Feature, Previews, Recent News
    It's recently been announced that Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be getting an update soon which brings in a four player co-op mode known as Onslaught. "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught mode can be played with up to four players across four multiplayer maps - Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Isla Inocentes, and Nelson Bay - redesigned with new lighting, time of day, added ... more.
  • Black Mirror II Review View Comments CommentsPosted by David Breach on April 28, 2023 under Feature, PC Reviews
    When I was asked to review Black Mirror II, and told what type of game it was, my immediate thoughts were ‘I wonder how easy it will be to find a walkthrough for this one…’. Yet I could not have been more wrong; whilst definitely a challenge, Black Mirror II is finally an adventure point-and-click that can be done purely with patience, thought, and logic (though I am not ashamed to admit to ... more.
  • Mass Effect 2 Review View Comments CommentsPosted by kiffar on February 13, 2024 under Feature, PC Reviews, Xbox 360 Reviews
    I was going to open up with a typical, "Does the sequel match up to the original? Find out NOW!" but thought, that's a bit ridiculous because Mass Effect 2 is AMAZING. I want to petition Bioware to have this game renamed to The Even Better Sequal to One of the Best RPGs Ever.. TEBStOotBRPGE (teb-stoot-berp-gie) is seriously perfection in terms of sequels. It's right there at the top with Un... more.
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle [Wii] View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on February 11, 2024 under Recent News
    Leading videogames publisher Rising Star Games, today confirms that No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, is on track to be released throughout Europe at the end of April 2010. Soaked in slick graphic novel-style visuals, No More Heroes 2 is clever, mature and further validates the series' reputation as one of the most original and unique games on the Wii... more.

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