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Posts Tagged ‘2009’
  • Emergent Game Technologies: Finance News of 2009 0 CommentsPosted by James Ireland on February 2, 2024 under Recent News
    GROWTH EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS AND CEO AFFIRMS STRONG 2010 OUTLOOK Emergent Game Technologies, a worldwide leader in 3D videogame engines, today reported a 35% increase in revenues year over year and a 58% increase in profitability for the year ending 2009. Strong licensing deals and reduced expenses led the fourth quarter, ending the year with over 120 deals closed. Growth was strongest in Nort... more.
  • Website Editors Christmas Speech 0 CommentsPosted by James Ireland on December 24, 2023 under Feature
    Whilst I sit here scoffing on festive mince pies and drinking a glass of Baileys, I reminisce about the year of gaming that has just passed. It’s been a magnificent year for all those involved with the website, though our perceptions have certainly changed of the videogame industry as soon as you jump aboard the press wagon. It’s been a learning experience and in some respects for a small amou... more.
  • Eurogamer Expo: Round Table Discussion 0 CommentsPosted by James Ireland on November 6, 2023 under Video
    If you were featured in this video, please let us know your website domain. Thanks!... more.
  • Golden Joysticks Award Video (2009) 0 CommentsPosted by James Ireland on November 1, 2023 under Video
    Bethesda walk away with Ultimate Game Of The Year!... more.
  • Golden Joystick Awards Results 0 CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 30, 2023 under Recent News
    So the winners of the show have been announced. The event went rather quickly to say the least, but the show was stolen by Activision/Blizzard whom picked up the majority of the awards. A surprise in the game of the year category aswell, so without further or do, here is the results of the Golden Joystick Awards 2009. Family Game Of The Year: Little Big Planet Handheld Game Of The Year: GTA Ch... more.
  • Golden Joystick Awards: Live Coverage 0 CommentsPosted by James Ireland on under Recent News
    So today is the day of the Golden Joystick awards, we will be covering the event live right here so please sit back, relax and enjoy the show. We've already had a world record set by James Richards for Sonic 2, what else does today hold in store. View our live feed below: LIVE FEED... more.
  • MCM Expo 2009: Warthog Unveiled 0 CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 27, 2023 under Recent News
    Find out more on operation chastity at the makers of an up and coming fan funded Halo film.... more.
  • Hours From Expo Start 0 CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 24, 2023 under Recent News
    So we're officially hours from the start of the Expo and thought what better way to cover this event than have its own dedicated post category for this weekend. So, wondering what's happening. Just click the link at the top of the page marked 'MCM Expo 2009' for the latest on the expo. We're currently on a Greyhound WiFi coach up to London as I write this. So, until the event starts enjoy our upda... more.
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7 hours, 33 minutes
  • Alan Baxter : lol nice, chopper gunner? i got 43-3 once on scrapyard, 2 chopper gunners in one match haha
  • Dean C : i went 46 for 2 on Afghan, the match before my ps3 broke, lol
  • Alan Baxter : i've just owned so bad on mw2, literally 40 kills and top of the board every game. WITHOUT CAMPING and going go the objective on domination.
  • Alan Baxter : haha you're either really mgood or he really sucks.
  • ADMIN : Just beat some sad act on FIFA who was playing as Barcelona with Portsmouth. He couldn't handle it lol..
  • Alan Baxter : Ouch Deano :( Peeps, check out my Doodle Jump review, and for gods sake buy the game if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch!
  • Dean C : be bored without a playstation or console, lol. I shall play some half life 2 probably.
  • Alan Baxter : What's everybodies plans for tonight? Cod all night for me! Monday is one of the few nights I don't play football :(
  • bkmelendez : Phew, I finally finish re-uploading the rest of Season 4 of Soccer Mayhem.
  • ADMIN : Haha, it's uploading now BK
  • IMHO : Your site is AWESOME!
  • bkmelendez : Really looking forward to the review of UK Truck Simulator. :)
  • DeanC : Me and james reskinned it
  • DeanC : Its not a template, lol.
  • Wankstain : Yea the new template looks good.
  • bkmelendez : The new skin looks sweet and David is innocent I tell you.
  • ADMIN : Everyone like the new site design?
  • JACKLUNN : Poor pompey, as a Leeds Fan ive been down a simillar route :( was bad..
  • ADMIN : We're reskinning the website as we speak, it could go hideous for a few hours.
  • bkmelendez : Some players are only in it for themselves and not for the good of the team. One only needs to look at Ben Sahar at Pompey Pirates. :p
  • ADMIN : Plus his injury was made worse when he refused to come off as a sub.
  • ADMIN : Bullshit. Kevin Prince Boateng doesn't want to play for us and he's been acting on it. He's looking for an easy excuse out.
  • bkmelendez : Boateng's quote below
  • bkmelendez : "I am mad at Portsmouth we don't have the level of medical care like there is at (Boateng's former German clubs) Hertha Berlin and Borussia Dortmund. At my club Portsmouth my foot pains were diagnosed as a strain of the syndesmotic ligament. Now doctors in Cologne have confirmed that the ligament is torn and I will be out for weeks."
  • ADMIN : What's up now? There is rumours we may actually get taken over, but i wont hold my breath.
  • bkmelendez : Even the medical staff at Pompey can't even do their job right. :(
  • ADMIN : I'd consider Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Modern Warfare 2 quality lol.
  • ADMIN : @Guest_2066 Whats your idea of quality games then?
  • Competition : You can WIN... Find out how by reading above!
  • Dean C : Hey, guest, what reviews would you like to see?
  • Guest_2066 : Hey.. this site lacks reviews of quality games
  • admin-adhoc : New website design at 2am :)
  • bkmelendez : (continued) manage in South Korea or Australia?
  • bkmelendez : I'd completed more games in the last 3 months but the Master League just keeps calling my name. I think part of it has to do with trying to acquire the trophies and improve the quality on the pitch. I think I'll stop playing once we win the Champions League. FIFA Manager Mode just pissed me off with their chosen path once you win a league. I wanted to move manage Arsenal after I won MLS with the Galaxy but the damn game limited my choices of coaching jobs. Realistic yes but who the fuck wants
  • admin : Whoopsie. I've stopped playing PES 2010 now.
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