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  • Golden Joystick Award Winners View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 30, 2023 under Feature
    Bioware lost their award this evening. Probably because they were too pissed to care but nevermind, we decided to have fun with it regardless. Here is the following Golden Joystick Awards announcement in the form of an overly camp lottery producer voice Listen!... more.
  • Hotel Dusk? Hahaha! Live Coverage Today View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 29, 2023 under Feature, MCM Expo
    Coverage throughout the weekend of WEDO Networks Stephen & James Joell-Ireland's escapades into the world of award ceremonies, manga, cosplay and video games. You do not want to miss any of it. ... more.
  • Golden Joystick Awards 2010 - Our Votes View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 24, 2023 under Editorial, Feature
    The Golden Joystick Awards are quite confusing. This is the reason why: Games that were in last years categories still remain in this years and the voting between games seems to start from mid-calendar 2009 to mid-calendar 2010. It's an odd mix, so if anyone was wondering yes, old games like Uncharted 2 are in the mix. We'll be at the awards next Friday and wanted to bring you our pick of whom sho... more.
  • Blizzcon Douchebag Breaks His Leg View Comments CommentsPosted by kiffar on October 23, 2023 under Feature
    Watch with hilarity as this stocky moron painted up like an Undead attempts with great fail to recreate the characters in game dance. What does he win instead? A fucked up leg and a lifetime of embarrassment as his fat ass is carried off the stage in front of millions of viewers world wide.... more.
  • 2010 Hoiday Game Preview View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on October 8, 2023 under Editorial, Feature, Previews
    With the 2010 holiday shopping season edging its way closer and closer, game developers have already begun the mad dash to release all the big triple “AAA” titles we have been waiting for. During this time a lot of my friends ask me what games I will be getting, or should they pick up Medal of Honor or Black Ops. So I thought I would type something up letting everybody know what games I person... more.
  • Eurogamer: Brink Multiplayer Hands On View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 3, 2023 under Eurogamer Expo 2010, Feature, Previews
    A hectic queue but I got there early. Brink had to be the second hottest anticipated game available at Eurogamer Expo but for me it walked away the very best. I must make an omission at this point. I never got to play Killzone 3, Dead Space 2 or Bulletstorm but up against everything else it was absolutely sublime. Ironic then that Brink was announced at Eurogamer 2009 and the queue then just to ... more.
  • Eurogamer: Photo Gallery #3 View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 2, 2023 under Eurogamer Expo 2010, Feature
    This is the final gallery I'm afraid ladies & gents. Don't forget to check back over the next few days of what we thought of all the games and our penultimate final report on the event itself. Enjoy the Eurogamer Expo! [gallery link="file"]... more.
  • Eurogamer: Photo Gallery #2 View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on under Eurogamer Expo 2010, Feature
    Second gallery of Photo's. Remember if you see yourself, let us know on what photo and we'll edit the image description and make you famous..kinda. [gallery link="file"]... more.
  • Eurogamer: Tour De Show View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on under Eurogamer Expo 2010, Feature
    Have a look around at what you can expect at the show. Oh and much more than I show because like an idiot I go and film this just before the place closes. It's busier than the video suggests, it's very busy during peak times. Got to love my genius! (Sarcasm) ... more.
  • Countdown to Eurogamer Expo 2010 View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on September 27, 2023 under Editorial, Eurogamer Expo 2010, Feature, Recent News
    Time is literally ticking down until that special time of the year where everything goes crazy in the games industry. The official declaration for this, at least in our eyes, is when the nights draw in closer, the weather gets colder and when the UK’s biggest online video game website throws a lavish three day event in Earls Court London showcasing the best of what 2010 and 2011 has to offer. ... more.
  • Leaked Black Ops Gameplay View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on August 22, 2023 under Feature, Recent News, Video
    You probably know about that little games convention in Germany called Gamecom. Well, Treyarch representatives were at Europe’s biggest games convention to demo Call of Duty: Black Ops, unfortunately, behind closed doors. But don't you worry because luckily enough some would be attendee managed to record about ten minutes of the single player campaign, off screen of course. So here you go, enjoy... more.
  • Master Chief in Halo:Reach View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on under Feature, Recent News
    Over the weekend during Gamescom 2010 in Cologne, Germany, Community Leader Brian Jarrad over at Bungie confirmed some details about whether or not Master Chief would be making a cameo in the upcoming Halo: Reach. Bungie has an elaborate "Player Reward System" in the game, where you earn credits from everything you do in the game, even working in Forge. You can spend these hard-earned credits o... more.
  • Medal of Honor/Linkin Park “The Catalyst” Trailer View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on August 1, 2023 under Recent News, Trailers, Video
    An all-new Medal of Honor gameplay/live action trailer directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn. The trailer features never-before-seen in-game footage set to the band's first single 'The Catalyst' from their soon to be released album, A Thousand Suns. Medal of Honor promises to be one of the biggest games of the year and looks to move in on Activsion's territory by hopefully stealing some holiday sa... more.
  • Vanquish Gameplay Trailer View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on July 31, 2023 under Recent News, Video
    There aren't that many gaming news items that slip past me, but somehow during E3 this year I failed to hear about an amazing looking game coming from SEGA studios. After Alpha Protocol flopped like a fat man in a swimming pool, I was skeptical to say the least about the prospect of Vanquish looking as good as it does. The action looks fast paced in what I can only best describe as a hybrid of Mas... more.
  • E3 Meltdown Live View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on June 14, 2023 under Feature, Recent News
    ... more.
  • Ubisoft unveils E3 Lineup View Comments CommentsPosted by kiffar on June 2, 2023 under Recent News
    We're all very excited for this years E3, many big titles are expected to be announced, footage of games we've been waiting since last E3 for, Playstation's motion controller, Microsoft's Natal, hopefully some news on the new Metal Gear game featuring Raiden.. anyway Ubisoft has released a few titles they'll be showing off this year, some of which includes the new Assassin's Creed: Brotherh... more.
  • Ideal Home Show Spring 2010 Report View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on March 23, 2024 under Editorial, Feature
    Bustling with optimism Had you been at the Ideal Home Show you could have mistaken our economy for being in a blooming state of good health and a culture that was openly spending at will. Whether it had been new-year optimism, or the fact that Earls Court was just housing the latest trending setting gadgets and styles I wasn’t sure, but one thing is clear that Saturday & Sunday’s attendan... more.
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