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  • Black Hole iPhone Review 0 CommentsPosted by Tom McKeating on June 4, 2023 under Feature, iPhone Reviews
    Black Hole is an iPhone ‘Path Management’ game from Clickgamer, the guys who brought us Angry Birds. Let me set the scene; The world is under attack from thousands of asteroids- all hope seems lost, but who can save the earth from this plight? The answer..... You. You are tasked to use a mad scientist’s ‘Black Hole creator’ to divert the asteroids away from the Earth and cause collisions... more.
  • Angry Birds [iPhone] 1 CommentsPosted by kiffar (online) on March 1, 2024 under Feature, iPhone Reviews
    Birds are useless creatures that shit on your car. So I was a bit worried when it came to reviewing a game called Angry Birds. "Oh great, I bet this game will be about nothing but a bird who hates life and shits all over everyone and their possessions." Come to think of it..that sounds like an awesome game. Someone go make that game, now. But anyway, this game has a slight story. There's ... more.
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