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  • Final Fantasy XIII Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on April 7, 2024 under Feature, PS3 Reviews, Xbox 360 Reviews
    "You mean I have to fight it again!?" Since Final Fantasy XIII’s announcement all the way back in 2006, the hype train for the game was truly going full speed ahead for the full four years since its original announcement, however, the journey was not without its stops, and the choice to port the game to the Xbox 360 was one that Square came under fire for, with fanboys boycotting the game and e... more.
  • The Games Night: Podcast #000 [Pilot] View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on March 23, 2024 under Feature, Podcasts
    [podcast][/podcast] Our opening pilot podcast. We know this isn't anything special and that allot of work is needed to develop into a podcast that you'll die to tune into, but we'll get there. The idea in mind is to have two podcasts a month which will run for around 1hr. This is just a 30 something minute int... more.
  • X-Blades Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on January 12, 2024 under Feature, PS3 Reviews, Xbox 360 Reviews
    Due to a recent lack of Hack and Slashers in my big ole’ games pile (now unfortunately consisting of shit and FPS games,) I decided to pick one up before the release and 40 quid retail of Bayonetta, incidentally I picked this game up for a tenner in GAME, not bad for what it is I guess, but I still think I could have bought something more useful, like a kebab. Unfortunately, due to not owning... more.
  • Borderlands Review (Playstation 3) View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on November 1, 2023 under Feature, PS3 Reviews
    Yep, another first person shooter to add to the pile, the classic ‘run about a bit, chuck a grenade, shoot some guys, reload, shoot some more guys, die, respawn’ affair has been recycled an unbelievable amount of times over the years, and with the release and guaranteed success of Modern Warfare 2 on top of us like a ton of bricks, I am expecting another flood of FPS games in years to come. ... more.
  • Tekken 6: Hands on Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on October 26, 2023 under Previews, Recent News
    Tekken has always been a game with the same formula, and after beating a mate of mine, two cosplay girls and drawing with the Namco PR bloke, I can safely say, it’s Tekken. When the game was announced a while back, I didn’t really care too much about it, as for me, Tekken Tag Tournament on the PS2, will always be my favourite fighting game, and if I want to beat the shit out of a leopard man ... more.
  • Lego Rock Band Track List Revealed View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on October 12, 2023 under Recent News
    The full tack listing for Lego Rock Band was revealed today, Including both old and new songs and a separate listing for the Nintendo DS version of the game, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 DLC has also been confirmed. Below are all of the songs confirmed; All American Rejects, “Swing, Swing” The Automatic, “Monster” Blink-182, “Aliens Exist” Blur, “Song 2” Bon Jovi, “You Give L... more.
  • Heavy Weapon Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on October 11, 2023 under PS3 Reviews, Recent News, Xbox 360 Reviews
    Heavy Weapon was a game I had seen on the Playstation store the week it came out, and kept wondering whether or not to buy it, at last I’ve got my hands on it, and, it definitely isn’t the sort of game I had expected. The game costs the average £7.99 and to be honest, I think it should retail around the £3-4 region, as this is by no means a new game, it has been out on the Xbox 360 for qui... more.
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