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  • Quicklik [iPhone] View Comments CommentsPosted by kiffar on October 30, 2023 under Feature, iPhone Reviews
    Quicklik is a gorgeous little Korean puzzle game in which you match corresponding images to whatever you’re tasked with. The game has two modes; Classic and Crazy Mode. The second comes with a warning that it is meant for experienced players only and starting this mode you’ll see why. Classic Mode is slower paced than Crazy. Atop the screen will be a bar with a Kitten’s face or a pic... more.
  • Pantheon HD Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Tom McKeating on October 23, 2023 under Feature, iPhone Reviews
    Fitting right into the addictive ‘match-3’ puzzler mould, Pantheon is easy to play, fun and unputdownable. I may have created a neologism there but it does accurately express my feelings for this game. The concept of the game will be nothing new; match coloured diamonds into patterns by tapping them to get rid of them. What sets Pantheon apart from other generic puzzle games is its sheer numbe... more.
  • 2010 Hoiday Game Preview View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on October 8, 2023 under Editorial, Feature, Previews
    With the 2010 holiday shopping season edging its way closer and closer, game developers have already begun the mad dash to release all the big triple “AAA” titles we have been waiting for. During this time a lot of my friends ask me what games I will be getting, or should they pick up Medal of Honor or Black Ops. So I thought I would type something up letting everybody know what games I person... more.
  • Eurogamer: NFS - Hot Pursuit Hands On View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 4, 2023 under Eurogamer Expo 2010, Feature, Previews
    It’s another year and that can only be one thing, another Need for Speed game. EA have been somewhat unsure where to take the whole series of late, Shift and Nitro being two vastly different games, a stab at the arcade and a stab at the simulated. Now it’s time for EA to do what it does best at, throw back the police cars into the mix and this time you can be the police! EA’s strongest owne... more.
  • Hydrophobia Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on October 3, 2023 under Feature, Xbox 360 Reviews
    Following the success of the now what seems to be the annual “Summer of Arcade” event. Xbox this week kicked off “Game Feast”, in attempt to collect some more of our hard earned money on often fun games that end up severely lacking in the quantity department. In hopes to start the event off right we have been treated with Hydrophobia which sounds more like a mental illness than a game ... more.
  • Eurogamer: The Fight Hands On View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on October 2, 2023 under Eurogamer Expo 2010, Feature, Previews
    To differentiate itself from the Wii at E3 imaginary VP of Sony Kevin Butler showed imagery of a man pummelling a guy to death using the Move controller. That game was The Fight. The Fight has a very gritty art style, mostly using grey and black hues to create a seedy under belly of bare fist fighting. It’s set to appeal to the adult gamer or for those that think wearing hoodies makes them an ... more.
  • Transformers: War For Cybertron Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Craig Baker on August 3, 2023 under Feature, PC Reviews, PS3 Reviews, Xbox 360 Reviews
    This week I picked up Transformers: War for Cybertron, which was published by Activison and developed by High Moon Studios. This is High Moon’s third game, other releases include the 2005 vampire-western Dark Watch and the fairly well received, The Bourne Conspiracy, based on the Robert Ludlum authored, Bourne series of novels and films starring Matt Damon. Transformers: War for Cybertron is ... more.
  • iPhone 4 Officially Announced View Comments CommentsPosted by Tom McKeating on June 7, 2023 under Feature, Recent News
    Steve Jobs has officially announced the ‘iPhone 4’ - and what a stunning bit of kit it is. The iPhone 4 is 24% slimmer than the 3gs and at 9.3mm the slimmest smart phone in the world. iPhone 4g Feature Points: 24% Thinner than the 3gs Bluetooth GPS Stainless Steel shell Integrated Antennas Dual mics 802.11n WiFi Compass Accelerometer Larger Battery (7 hours of 3G talk,... more.
  • Black Hole iPhone Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Tom McKeating on June 4, 2023 under Feature, iPhone Reviews
    Black Hole is an iPhone ‘Path Management’ game from Clickgamer, the guys who brought us Angry Birds. Let me set the scene; The world is under attack from thousands of asteroids- all hope seems lost, but who can save the earth from this plight? The answer..... You. You are tasked to use a mad scientist’s ‘Black Hole creator’ to divert the asteroids away from the Earth and cause collisions... more.
  • Warships - Sea On Fire! iPhone Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Tom McKeating on April 21, 2023 under iPhone Reviews
    Battleships is a game which hasn't evolved, it hasn't changed. There are probably thousands of fans who still play the board game and will be over the moon with 'Warships'. 'Warships' itself is basically a repackaged version of the board game, it doesn't set out to be groundbreaking - instead giving the oppurtunity to carry the game in their pocket. I'm not going to review 'Battleships' which i... more.
  • Mini Plane iPhone Review View Comments CommentsPosted by Tom McKeating on April 18, 2023 under iPhone Reviews
    OK - so if you're wondering what the concept of Mini Plane is - think the 'Helicopter game'. The aim of the game is to keep your plane in the air for as long as possible. The longer you are in the air the more distance you can travel, press the screen to ascend and release to descend whilst avoiding planes and buildings and collecting star pick ups and petrol to keep your plane in the air. The gam... more.
  • [UK] Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition View Comments CommentsPosted by S. Joell-Ireland on March 2, 2024 under Recent News
    "GAME AND GAMESTATION ARE GOING FOR GOLD!" In addition to apologising for that terrible pun, Capcom UK is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Game and Gamestation. UK players looking for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition should head to their nearest Game or Gamestation, and nowhere else. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is the incredible Resident Evil 5 packaged together with all of the... more.
  • Gulp [Android] *Out Now* View Comments CommentsPosted by S. Joell-Ireland on February 24, 2024 under Feature
    Snatch the yummies from the sky!! OrangePixel releases "Gulp!" for Android. Grab all the falling yummies to avoid getting hit! Use your extending tongue to snatch all the various yummies that fall from the sky. Don't let too many yummies hit the floor, or you won't survive ! Collect coins to fix the floor and advance to the next level. More information can be found at: http://o... more.
  • The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes [iPhone] View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on February 18, 2024 under Recent News
    Stereotype or Fact? DTP Young Entertainment releases their first game for the iPhone™ and the iPod touch™: in „The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes“ players take up the challenge between the genders. Will the classic roles and clichés of men and women prove to be true? This hilariously funny entertaining app plays with established stereotypes. This mini game collection will finall... more.
  • Soldier of Fortune Review View Comments CommentsPosted by David Mcmurdo on February 5, 2024 under Feature, PC Reviews
    It’s rather appropriate that my first review for Wedotech be Soldier of Fortune which casts you as a mercenary because I myself have been drafted in mercenary style to contribute content to this site. The only difference between myself and a real life mercenary really is the fact that they kill people... and probably aren't hunched over a keyboard with a nearby pouch of tobacco and a cold c... more.
  • Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 [PC] View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on February 3, 2024 under Recent News
    Continuing with a release of fresh new assets from the Paradox Interactive Convention, today Paradox Interactive, along with Snowball Studios have released a new developer interview and screenshots from the upcoming war title, Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. The title, which takes place during the Kharkov Defense Operation of 1943, will enable players to play as either German or Russian forc... more.
  • Poolstar [Playstation Portable | PSP] News View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on under Recent News
    Steve Davis, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Phil Taylor head to PSP Mini as GameShastra signs deal with P1 Sports GameShastra, leading developer and publisher of digitally-delivered video games, has today announced an agreement with mobile phone and digital console games publisher P1 Sports Limited which will see over 10 new sports titles available for download on PlayStation Portable and PSP Go, with oth... more.
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