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  • Will Austerity Measures Make You Buy Less Games? View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on January 4, 2024 under Feature, Poll Results, Recent News
    VAT pumped up a massive 2.5% today. It's now officially became more expensive to wipe you arse with toilet paper. Price of items in the shops have risen in line with these measures and that means more than just food and fuel. Videogame prices are rising also with the subsequent increase, but what about our friends in Ireland? Their barmy government has accepted the bailout of the banks and will pr... more.
  • Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts View Comments CommentsPosted by James Ireland on June 20, 2023 under Editorial, Electronics, Feature
    If your father is more like Peter Moore than Dudley Moore then you maybe wondering what sort of gaming goodness could you be buying him on father’s day. After all he was probably the man that got you into gaming in the first place right? Yes, if he was cool enough. I wanted to share you my Top 10 Fathers Day gifts, because without my dad, I don’t think I’d ever be passionate about videogames... more.
  • Soldier of Fortune Review View Comments CommentsPosted by David Mcmurdo on February 5, 2024 under Feature, PC Reviews
    It’s rather appropriate that my first review for Wedotech be Soldier of Fortune which casts you as a mercenary because I myself have been drafted in mercenary style to contribute content to this site. The only difference between myself and a real life mercenary really is the fact that they kill people... and probably aren't hunched over a keyboard with a nearby pouch of tobacco and a cold c... more.
  • Dean’s Gaming Christmas List View Comments CommentsPosted by Dean Case on December 1, 2023 under Editorial, Feature
    It’s finally December 1st, and what a year it’s been, there’s been ups and downs all year round and a few things have come along that have changed things quite a bit for me, my birthday is coming up on the 15th (Don’t hold back on presents people!) and then Christmas is only about a week later, the gaming industry this year has had more hits than Take That and Flops as bad as thinking abou... more.
  • i-eX Gaming Chair Video Review View Comments CommentsPosted by SammyBage on November 25, 2023 under Feature, Gadgets
    ... more.

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